We accept Bitcoin - the most trusted and endorsed cryptocurrency.
The benefits are that early investors who believe in our capabilities can buy RUNE on the lowest price which will ever be available - $0.50-$1.20. Together with the project developing and the demand rising we expect to reach $100-$150+ per coin price in Q1 of 2019.
Yes, we will be launching the internal exchange in mid March 2018 at $8.00 price. RUNE will also be listed on external exchanges for additional options in April 2018.
Yes! We have an Affiliate Plan for our Runecoin ICO. If you refer a partner for the ICO and he/she buys succesfully coins, you get coins too.
Runecoin will be offered at different price per coin, there will be few bonus levels as follows:

Pre-Sale - 10% Bonus

Phase 1 - 5% Bonus

Phase 2 - 5% Bonus

Phase 3 - 3% Bonus

Phase 4 - 2% Bonus

Phase 5 - 1% Bonus

Phase 6 - No bonus
The maximum supply of coins will be 28 million. 6.2 million coins will be available to buy in the ICO and 1.9 million coins held by Runecoin as reserve fund. 800.000 coins will be available for ICO Bonus and Affiliate. The remaining 19 million coins will available through PoS and PoW mining.
You can use either the web wallet on the Runecoin.co website or a web wallet offered by a third party service provider. You can also store it in the Desktop/Mobile wallet once it is available as per our 2018 roadmap.
Yes! We will be offering bounty program on our social media. Facebook - Twitter - Instagram
Yes, you can only purchase 3000 RUNE coins per 24hour time frame.
Runecoin is a mineable coin. The users have three additional opportunities to grow their investments.

Staking: Staking is a process that rewards you by simply holding Coins by downloading the Runecoin Desktop/Mobile Wallet you can watch your interest grow! The more coins you have the more you earn.

Lending: You can invest Runecoin in our lending platform from your Dashboard. This investment option allows you to profit from the Runecoin trading bot and the volatility software. So you can lend your coins for a daily reward.

Affiliate: With Runecoin attractive Refer and Affiliate Program you can earn additional coins by telling other users about this opportunity and referring them to Runecoin community.